Contract lift services

JR Crane Services offer contract lift services in the whole of the UK, providing any type of crane and lifting equipment under contract, at very competitive prices.


We offer tower crane contract lift services in partnership with Falcon Tower Crane Services


Our team can provide you with personnel, lifting equipment, a lift plan and advice for moving your load in the safest, quickest and most cost effective way. We will minimize the risk as much as possible giving peace of mind to every client, always working within the guidelines, regulations and standards set out for lifting operations. This makes us one of the top companies in the UK for Health & Safety for lifting operations.


All contract lift services are provided under the CPA Terms and Conditions, please visit their website


JR Crane Services will first survey your site to select the most appropriate equipment and personnel needed. Once we have surveyed your site we will engage a team of experts to research the most cost effective and practical lifting solution. JR Crane Services are happy to answer any question or queries you may have, please contact us on 01440 841 100 or e-mail us on