Rescue plans

In many cases, the cause of an incident is human error and no one can predict when someone will fall ill whilst working at height. Both of these instances are hard to plan for but it is important to have an appropriate rescue plan in place to protect employees. Rescue plans are required by law as stated in the Working at Height Regulations 2005. 


An Important Fact – If your current rescue plan details calling the emergency services, as your first port-of-call then it is not a rescue plan! Rescue plans are essential for employees working at a height. Our plans include evacuation methods, installation and use of appropriate evacuation equipment, additional personal protection equipment, first aid requirements and communication methods in the event of a rescue.


At JR Crane Services, we understand that every site is different in terms of location, size and scale of project, equipment used and personnel and we create rescue procedures to suit your specific site and operations. Sites also differ daily in terms of the weather conditions they experience. Our plans will be bespoke to suit the demands of your site.


We provide step by step guidance for evacuation and rescue procedures and can train your staff for in the event a rescue is required. We will also suggest a schedule of regular equipment checks to ensure your rescue or evacuation is a smooth as possible. Please contact JR Crane Services for additional information. We are available on 01440 841100 or e-mail